Video Sharing

Learn how to share a video

For sharing a video, you need to pass the path of the video to StoryContent instance

StoryContent content = new StoryContent ("PATH_TO_VIDEO_FILE", true);

Passing true to StoryContent instance indicates the file passed is a video

Share the StoryContent on Instagram

InstagramKitManager.Share(content, OnShareComplete); //OnShareComplete is callback method

Video passed can be of H.264 or H.265 or WebM formats.


using VoxelBusters.InstagramKit;
void ShareImage(string filePath)
// Create Story Content Instance
StoryContent content = new StoryContent(filePath, true);
// Share
InstagramKitManager.Share(content, OnShareComplete);
private void OnShareComplete(bool success, string error)
string message = success ? "Successfully Shared" : "Failed to share " + error;